Equipment for foam concrete production

Brief characteristics equipment for autoclaved concrete production

  • Maximum output- up to 100 m3 of finish goods/day.
  • Finish products – walling and partition blocks with the average density mark Д500-Д700 with compressive strength В1,5-В3,5 (GOST 21520-89).
  • Dimensions of a block in a standard complete set is 198x295x598.
  • Installation of other dimensions is possible.
  • Massif volume - 0,85 м3.
  • Time of one massif filling - about 11 minutes.
  • Release time for the massif - 4-8 hours.
  • Release time for the cut massif before packing – 8-16 hours.
  • Established capacity of the equipment - 30kw + 25kw.
  • Consumption of water - 30 t/day.
  • Maintenance staff - 6 persons (without a warehouse site).
  • Conditions of allocation – premise of shop type at absence of an atmospheric precipitation and temperature not lower than +5 С.
  • Height in a filling zone is 7,5м.
  • Height of the rest of the premise not less 3,5м.